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TSSAA votes no to changing Dead Period

Johnson County started back football practice this past week after TSSAA voted to allow them to reopen. The guidelines are ten people to a group, nine players and one coach.  Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

High School football workouts started back this past Monday after several weeks of absence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.Johnson County returned to the practice field with restrictions in place, hoping that the TSSAA would lift the two weeks of dead period that begins on June 23.The vote was deadlocked at 6-6. A majority vote was required to change the TSSAA by-law that stood for more than two decades. 
Coaches complained that they had already made vacation plans with their families during the two weeks, but the organization didn’t budge.

“We don’t ever want to put sports before families, and many families make plans for the Dead Period every year,” said Bernard Childress, Executive Director of the TSSAA. “This is not the first year we’ve had the Dead Period, and as eager as coaches are to get back to their routine, the Council ultimately felt that there wasn’t a strong enough case for doing away with it this year.”

Here is another time that the TSSAA has it all wrong.

The dead period works well under normal circumstances, but these are not normal circumstances. Too much time off means ugly fall sports, which fans can expect to see. The dead period will begin at midnight on June 23 and will last until July 6 at midnight. Until then, Longhorn athletes will be able to work out at the school facilities.