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Troy and Caden Arnold hoping to earn some play time with the Horns

Troy and Caden Arnold.cmyk
Troy and Caden Arnold

By Tim Chambers

The Arnold brothers are hoping that Johnson County can use a little “T&C” on the gridiron this year. They’ll insert the “love” when that playing time occurs.
Troy Arnold is a budding sophomore with a ton of talent and potential. Caden is a rising junior who is expected to contribute immensely in several different ways.
The duo is within a whisker of breaking into the starting lineup. Caden currently has the inside nod at the cornerback slot.
“I started during the passing league games at Hampton, but I’m not sure what or how it will pan out when the season begins,” said Caden. “My mindset is different this year than it was as a sophomore. I know that it’s time to step up and contribute. I want to lead, but I want to lead by example. It takes that type of commitment from everyone for the team to be successful.”
Troy embraces the opportunity to play alongside his brother but finds himself in a different situation. He is currently the second team quarterback and defensive back.
“It’s not easy being a backup but everybody has to do it,” said Troy. “We all come in and start at the bottom and everyone has to work their way up. I know that all the hard work that we put forth will eventually pay off for me as a player and for our team. I don’t care where they put me. I just want to be on the field.”
Troy knows his playing time could come unexpectedly, so he’s mapping out a game plan should that happen.
“It’s important for me to play well in practice and scrimmages but especially during my junior varsity games,” added Troy. “The coaches are there to see how you perform in game-like situations. I know there are areas that I can improve on, but I’m willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to play. I’ve worked hard in the weight room since spring and I have concentrated on my diet and watched what I ate. You don’t think about those things in middle school. You have to be on top of your game to play at the high school level. You have to be in great shape.”
Caden is trying every day to show the coaching staff he’s on top of his. He knows that cornerback is one of the toughest positions on the field.
“You can’t let anybody get behind you and you have to be able to shut down the run,” added Caden. “Coach Anthony says the higher the risk, the higher the reward. I’m glad for the opportunity at hand.”
Caden will play in the backfield behind junior standout Bud Icenhour. He is hoping to get some carries as well.
“It’s usually about 25 percent of the carries for backups,” added Caden. “You have to make the most of your opportunity. You always want to make a big play and not make mistakes.  I am confident in my abilities that I can do that.”
The brothers are the sons of Brian and Lisa Arnold.
They praised their dad for helping them get started in football.
“He’s had a big influence on us playing,” said Troy. “He pushes us to be committed and he’s taught us a lot along with our coaches. He’s always there to offer up advice when we ask.”
Their mom is the principal at Johnson County High School, but don’t expect them to receive any type of favoritism according to Caden.
“It’s terrible with her there,” laughed Caden. “We can’t do anything and get by with it.”
The brothers agreed that each wants to out play the other. But they also agreed on another thing.
“We’re always pulling for one another,” said Troy.  “Deep down we want to see each other do good.”
Caden agreed but added, “We’re always pulling for our team and teammates as well. We want this year to be a very special season for Johnson County football.”