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Tressler, one valuable Longhorn

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

He’s the “Jack of all trades” on Johnson County’s football team with one exception. Alex Tressler can play multiple positions and play them well.
You won’t find No. 4 not on the football field regardless if it’s offense, defense or special teams playing. The senior leader might be small in stature but he has a giant heart. That is evident by the praise he received from head coach Don Kerley.
“He plays almost every snap and he plays hard,” said Kerley. “He’s small but he sure knows how to play. We can line him up about anywhere on the field and he’ll do the job. He works hard and he’s fun to coach. Alex is one of our leaders on the team.”
The outside linebacker is currently one of the leading tacklers on the team. He also supports a 4.0 GPA in the classroom. Both are something that he takes pride in.
“Being one of the leading tacklers would be a bad thing if I was still at my old free safety position,” said Tressler.
“But now I have less pass responsibility and more run responsibility. My primary focus is to tackle the ball carrier. I enjoy doing that or anything else they need me to do.  I like to lead block because they’re not expecting a smaller player to be out front, knocking people down.”

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