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Tomahawk Talk: Will there ever be a norm?

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

Here is my question to all our sports readers. Will we ever see the norm again? Can you imagine trying to social distance inside of Ray Shoun Gymnasium at a basketball game? Do we live our lives in fear for the rest of the time we have here on earth? Not if you’re me or most fans that I’ve spoken with.

College football has started back with, and the product is just as expected, plain awful. “Teams are unprepared, lacking in preparation due to shutdowns caused by the COVID19 virus. And what about the great states of Virginia and North Carolina? The people in charge of high school sports in those states need to have their heads examined. 

Can you imagine setting out inside Paul McEwen Stadium in the middle of February, watching the Hampton Bulldogs and Longhorns play with snow on the ground in sub-zero temperatures?I wouldn’t go, and neither will anyone else. You also crippled your basketball, baseball, and softball seasons with your abbreviated schedule that only features conference games. It’s bad enough to watch what we are right now, but I can’t imagine how bad it will be in those states. 

The University of Tennessee is getting ready to try and play a college football game with South Carolina after only three weeks of practice. The program had to cancel practice due to 44 players being held out.  I can’t wait to watch this circus on television. 
The point I am making is let’s not throw something out there just to say that we have it. Put a good product back on the field. Let’s put kids back in school where they belong and not expect grandparents like me who have been out of school forever to make sure they do their work.

So if you see a Johnson County Longhorn athlete, applaud them. The deck has been stacked against them, and they’re giving it their all. Will there ever be a normal again? I can’t remember the norm, but I know it had to be better than what we have now.