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Tomahawk Talk: Where do we go from here?

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

I had a man tell me recently that he was lost without sports. Gone is minor league baseball and maybe college football. Even the mighty SEC couldn’t decide yesterday whether it was safe to play football or not. High school sports are currently on hold.  Baseball fans will get a good taste when the MLB begins to play on either July 23 or 24. They will play a 60-game schedule, which is 102 games less than the typical season. 

People are tired of hearing about the new norm, not just sports fans. It’s Halloween every day because people are being urged to wear a mask, and we should. It is impossible now to predict what the number will rise to with the COVID-19 virus. It not only affects sports but the start of schools, family vacations and how we shop. 

The questions that many are asking is how do we keep from being fearful, and where do we go from here? Nobody has a quick fix answer, but the new norm could be mask required to be worn at sporting events and such. It’s almost impossible to determine the right time to start back schools or if the numbers will continue to rise.   

The answer is to sit back and wait. There are some things in the world that we have no control over, and COVID-19 is one of those. Where we go from here is to be determined later down the road. It’s a wait-and-see situation and to find out what the new norm might be, but one thing is for sure; Things won’t ever be like they once were.