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Tim’s Tomahawk Talk – TN Vols could be Dipping Dots at Bristol Motor Speedway

By Tim Chambers

There is no doubt that one college football record will be shattered on September 10 in Bristol, Tennessee. The Tennessee and Virginia Tech game has been sold out and will be watched by over 150 thousand people at the makeshift Bristol Motor Speedway football stadium.
There are a few remaining tickets if you are willing to pay a steep price. They range anywhere from $175 and up.
That’s quite a bit of dough to pay for a “pig in a poke.” For those wanting to watch the game you might stay glued to the giant Jumbotron while inside of BMS.  I find it hard to believe that anyone could see Josh Dobbs or Jaylen Hurd more than 50 rows up. Here is my reason why.
I attended a concert inside of BMS a few years ago and sat midway up in front of the stage. The band performed on the same side of the track where I was sitting and I’ll never forget the event.
Members of the band looked like a box of “Milk Duds” from where I was sitting making it virtually impossible to see. This might happen again on September 10 barring some major changes.
The football field will be located in the middle infield, with teams and working media strolling down both sidelines. The end zones will also be filled with photographers and television media.
Fans in the upper deck could end up seeing what appears to be a large cup of Dipping Dots going at it in a small bowl. Fans at home watching on TV will get the same birds-eye view that they always do.
Tickets anyone? Not me.
I might choke down some Milk Duds and Dipping Dots, sitting in my recliner in front of my big screen television.
There is a consolation prize for football fans wondering what it would be like to watch a game inside the motor half-mile.
East Tennessee State plays Western Carolina at the motor half-mile on September 17 and plenty of tickets still remain. You can bank on those being much cheaper.
Plus you’ll be close enough to watch it on the field and not the Jumbotron.
Enjoy the game.
Tim Chambers is the sports editor for The Tomahawk.  You can reach him by email at [email protected]