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Tim’s Tomahawk Talk: Longhorns, kings for a day

By Tim Chambers

“Queen for a Day” was a famous game show that aired in the 50’s and 60’s. It was hosted by Jack Bailey where an applause meter was used to determine the winner.
Women were asked questions and near the end they told what they could really use in their life or what was needed. It’s corny, but I like the format.
I have no desire to be king for a day nor do I want to ever host a game show either. I do however have one desire and that’s to tweak Johnson County’s football schedule.
The Longhorns open up with Sullivan East, Hampton and Elizabethton. They will have played over half their home games by September 2.  It doesn’t take long to do that when you only have four.
So is change needed? I think so but where do you begin?
Sullivan East is a good game to open up with. The Patriots will once again field a good team in 2016 but that could change in 2017.
The total distance between the two schools makes this one a no-brainer.
There is nothing you can do about the conference games. It would be nice to move the Elizabethton game to late in the season.  The best thing of all would be to move Claiborne County into District 2. That would eliminate a 280-mile round trip to play a regular season high school football game.
I do have one more tweak. Northview Academy needs to can the Thursday night games and play on Friday. This poses problems for Johnson County fans wanting to attend who have to work the next day.
The only non-league game that I would dispose of would be Sullivan Central. There is no rivalry between the two schools nor is there any tradition.
The best case scenario would be to add Happy Valley to the schedule. The two schools have a long history playing one another and the game would definitely draw fan interest.
These are the blemishes that I see in Johnson County’s schedule.  Coach Don Kerley and the Johnson County administrators deserve a nice pat on the back for scheduling teams as close as they possibly could. Nothing is ever perfect, but you’re always working hard to make it better. Coach Don is always doing that.
The biggest fix would be to redo the schedule next season that would result in five home and five away games. Longhorn fans deserve that.
Four home games in 2016 don’t seem fair when two of those are played during the first three weeks of the season. But I do have a simple quick fix that should make everyone happy.
Finish in the top two and host a first round home playoff game. Our Longhorns would be “kings for a day” under the Friday night lights.
Winning a first round game would just add icing on the cake.
And no applause meter would be needed.
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