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The Queen and her court


2020 Homecoming Queen Emmy MIller crowns Ashlee Anderson as the 2021 Queen. Anderson is escorted by Nathaniel Summerow.

Beth Cox
Sports Writer

All of the week’s fun events were a great lead for the buildup of the highly anticipated game against Claiborne. The Homecoming event, however, is what kept the crowd in their seats and speculation of who was going to win was the topic of conversation of the week for many young fans.
During halftime at the JCHS football game Friday night, the Homecoming court entered the Harold Arnold Field arm-in-arm with their handsome escorts. Several Homecoming attendants were escorted by players of the football team.
Freshman attendant Savanna Dowell from Forge Creek was escorted onto the field by Landell Walker. Walker plays football for the Longhorns.
Freshman attendant Skylar Feltner from Butler was escorted onto the field by Noah McQueen from Shady Valley. McQueen plays football for the Longhorns.
Sophomore Paiten Carroll from Mountain City was escorted by Brenton Black from Mountain City. Black is a football player for JCHS.
Sophomore Maggie Stout from Mountain City was escorted onto the field by Brayden Connor of Mountain City.
Junior Cynthia Marie Furches from Doe Valley was escorted by Aden Sluder from Mountain City, another Longhorn football player.
Junior Audry Jade Godines is from Mountain City and was escorted by Graham Reece from Doe Valley.
Senior attendant Ashlee Anderson from Mountain City was escorted
by Longhorn football player, Nathaniel Summerow from Laurel
Senior attendant Jacey Eshelman from Shady Valley was escorted onto the field by football player Shawn Forrester from Mountain City.
Senior Kaydance Ward from Trade was escorted by football player Corie Neely from Laurel Bloomery.
The 2021 Homecoming Princess title was presented to Sophomore Paiten Carroll.
The 2021 Homecoming queen was Ashlee Anderson. 2020 Homecoming queen Emmy Miller was escorted onto the field by Longhorn football players Trevor Henson and Nate Rice. Miller passed the torch to Anderson by placing the crown on the head of the newly chosen Homecoming queen.
The Homecoming halftime coronation was organized by the JCHS cheerleaders and coaches.
It was a great night for all participants and family members of the Homecoming Court. It was also a busy halftime for the football players who participated in the ceremony.