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Tennessee Tornados having another solid summer in 2010

By Matt Hill

The Mountain City owned Tennessee Tornado Baseball Team Is having another fine season as the playoffs are set to begin.
The Tornado, which is owned by Maymead President Wiley Roark, had the best winning percentage the league as of last Wednesday.
The team has been on a roller coaster ride with several big winning streaks and losing streaks.
“Our hitting died and we lost six games in a row and we were 8-8, but we picked it up and won 10 in a row, then we lost five in a row,” General Manager Tom Reece said, who is also from Mountain City. “Our pitching has been great, but our hitting has been inconsistent. We don’t get the key hits. We’ve won a lot of 2-1 and 1-0 games. Overall, it’s a good team with excellent pitching and we’re one of the favorites going into the playoffs.
For the playoffs, the teams will play each other at home sites with the two left playing a best two out of three series.

The Tornado once again has kids from throughout the United States and Reece says it’s been a great thing to see everyone bond.
“We’ve got them from California, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and everywhere. It’s good to see these kids from all over the country with different social characteristics bond,” Reece said.
Of course now the scene shifts to the playoffs and the Tornado has 13 position players and only eight other than pitcher to put in on the field.
The players who step up are the ones who are going to play.
“We’re going to play the ones that are hot,” Reece said. “The ones who are making contact and getting on base are the ones who are going to play. The guys know that. We’re going to put out there the ones who give us the best chance of winning.
The Southern Collegiate Baseball League is a league where the teams play with wooden bats instead of aluminum bats.
The league continues to grow in popularity and is attracting good talent from several strong colleges.
“There’s a new team in Statesville, N.C. and they have five or six guys running them and they have done a great job promoting that team. One night they had a paid crowd of 847 people. That’s a record for this league. They played it up in the papers when we came because we were the two-time defending champions,” Reece said.
The Tornado has played games at Miliigan College, Cardinal Park in Johnson City and Joe’O” Brien Field in Elizabethton.
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