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Taking a look in the mirror

By:  Tim Chambers

Tomahawk Sports Editor

[email protected]

It would be safe to say that nearly every Tomahawk reader looks into the mirror at least one time per day. But what would they see if they did a repeat at least two or three times during that 24-hour span?

Would they see the same person? Would this person be clean shaven, hair combed or with make-up carefully applied?

You’ll never see a different face, only a different appearance.
The one looking back at you in the mirror will be you.
It’s what we do with our lives that counts. People will make mistakes but some will rebound from it in a big way.

They move on, hoping to erase the bad memory or memories. Some are there to remind them of their prior faults. Others will just talk about them behind their backs.

This is not a perfect world that we live in. And neither does it contain perfect people.

That is why everyone needs to do a double-take when it comes to looking in the mirror. Only God knows what’s there and you.

Cosmetic stuff is only temporary.

What do people see in your “everyday” life? Are you the same on Monday through Saturday that you are on Sunday?
Yes, but the mood may change. So does the way you dress, act and many other things.

But is your life the same? Only the mirror, you and God know that answer.

I could go on and on asking all these simple questions. It’s very easy to do.

So is pretending. But that too is only temporary.

Sooner or later you revert back to the real you.

Only you, God and the mirror know who or what that is.
Middle school and high school athletes are a lot like the above. So are Little Leaguers and T-Ball players.


Tim Chambers can be reached by email at [email protected]

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