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Tag and Brag brings sportsmen into the twenty-first century

In this modern age of Smart phones and Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, even the most remote regions of the world have become instantly accessible through electronic media, fueled by an intense desire to share our interests, our challenges, and our triumphs with friends and even perfect strangers. Now, thanks to the efforts of two brothers from Ohio, even hunting and fishing has been ushered into the technological age, as the newly founded Tag N’ Brag social site allows outdoors enthusiasts the chance to share their stories, pictures, videos, and tips with other hunters and anglers all around the world.
Initially launched in December of 2011, now has thousands of users and is growing on a daily basis. “It is exciting to see the site catch on and grow so quickly,” said Co-founder David Giarrizzo.  “The outdoor industry is growing very fast and we are glad to be a part of it. The camaraderie of outdoorsmen and women is what is truly enjoyed so much at hunting and fishing camps during season.  Technology allows people to enjoy the camaraderie that surrounds both sports at any moment on Tag N’ Brag.”
Giarrizzo, who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee came up with the idea for the site with help from his brother, Dean. Growing up in a strong family network of hunters and fishermen, the Giarrizzos developed their passion for the outdoors in the forests of western New York, alongside their father Michael Giarrizzo Jr. Continuing their tradition of family first, the Giarrizos’ father and Uncle Jeff actually work as managing partners for the site.
 “Our father and uncle got us out into the woods at an early age, and that’s when we got hooked on hunting and fishing,” said Dean. “The first thing I want to do as a hunter is share my harvest with my friends and family. I know the hard work I put in to it and it makes me want to showcase my accomplishments. I know fishermen are the same way. It is fun to show off what you are passionate about and Tag N’ Brag creates this for everyone. Whether you are a pro or not, you can feel like you are on Tag N’ Brag.”
Those interested in joining the fast growing social network can do so by registering directly on the site or through Facebook at  Additionally, the duo plan on revealing a new phone app soon, which will allow users to access the site right from the trail or tree stand.
“Tag N’ Brag is a place to share all kinds of outdoor information, especially with those close to you,” David said. “It is a chance to relive memories made in the field or on the water. Tag N’ Brag creates a place where hunters and fishermen can post pictures and videos and are surrounded by people who share the same passion for the outdoors.”
Yet both brothers have repeatedly stated that Tag N’ Brag isn’t just for trophy hunters to show off their once in a lifetime buck. The site is designed to create a family friendly community of likeminded outdoors enthusiasts, and with every indicator that the site is going to be a big success, there are even bigger plans down the road. “We want to encourage everyone to know that every fish they catch and everything they shoot is cool and can be posted,” Dean said. “That’s why we built the website the way we did. We want to showcase the average sportsmen and involve whole families and kids, too.”
As the site grows, Dean and David plan on incorporating new and exciting changes such as the development of a newsletter to interview and highlight random hunters. Hoping to generate most of their profit from advertising, the brothers have even gone so far as to contemplate an internet-based outdoors show. With nearly endless online possibilities Tag-N-Brag could become a huge name in the outdoors industry, all beginning with a couple of enterprising enthusiasts and a drive to make it work.