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Sophomore stand-out ready to play

After last year’s productive Freshman season, JCHS Sophomore Connor Simcox is ready to lead the Longhorns back onto the field. Photo by Joey Icenhour

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Connor Simcox is ready to show what he can do as the starting quarterback of the JCHS Longhorns this year. Simcox got some throwing time in last year as a freshman, and the fans liked what they saw in the 6 foot 5-inch athlete, so did the coaches. Coach Don Kerley has likened him to another quarterback standout, Nathan Arnold. Kerley believes Simcox is just what the Longhorns need to get them out of the chute and ready to buck their way to the playoffs.

Simcox loves sports and was making a name for himself in middle school. The sophomore quarterback who states he has worked hard to perfect his passing game said, “in middle school, I hadn’t developed accuracy throwing the ball; I could just throw far.”

Kerley sees how Simcox has improved over time.

“Connor has worked hard, and he’s doing well,” he said. “We are excited to have him. If he does well, the team will do well. We have to protect him, of course, and if we can do that, he will do a great job for us.”

The young quarterback knows that to be successful, it will take the whole team. He is confident they can get the job done.

“I feel that we are making a lot of improvements, and the team overall has gotten a lot better,” he said.

The team’s hard work will be tested next Friday, August 27, against Hampton. Simcox is not too worried. “We know Hampton is going to be tough, but we have been preparing for them for a while now,” he said. “It’s going to be a tough game from start to finish, but we have been going hard in practice, so I think when the time comes, our guys will be ready.” Well, number six, the Longhorn teammates think the same about their quarterback.

According to senior standout Dalton Brown, Simcox will be a good fit among many seniors.

“Connor and I have been friends for about six years,” Brown said. “To have that on-field connection is a once in a lifetime occurrence.”

Simcox is just beginning a high school football career that shows commitment, dedication, and talent, which has all the ingredients for a great leader and a better team.