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So much to thank Him for

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]
The name Tim Hughes might not ring a bell in the sports world but it chimes among Southern Gospel Music lovers. Tim and I worked together at the Elizabethton Star for years and remain good friends.
He was the lead singer for the Melody Trio who climbed the Singing News chart in 2001 with their signature hit song, “So Much to Thank Him For.”
It’s still being sung throughout churches today, especially during Thanksgiving.
This scribe is able to sing it everyday because I too have a lot to be thankful for.
I’m thankful first and foremost that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and has saved my soul.
Athletes train for postseason honors and teams practice long and hard to try and win championships. I press toward the mark of the prize that Paul spoke of in the Bible in hopes of achieving Heaven and eternal life. I’m in a daily battle with Satan and I intend on winning.
I’m thankful for my recent appointment as Sports Editor at the Tomahawk and my co-workers. God has put me on board with some wonderful Christian people who are willing to lend a helping hand at all times.
I’m thankful for the many friends that I’ve made in my short time on the job. For people like David Arnold, Jim Gilley and Tom Reece who have been such a big help in lending me assistance when needed. For the coaches, players and administration at the high school and middle school, your hard work and sacrifices are well noted.
I’m thankful for my health that is sometimes taken for granted.
Today I’m saddened for Kansas City Chief Pro Bowler Eric Berry. The former Tennessee Vols All American will miss the rest of the season with what is believed to be lymphoma, a form of cancer.
He came to the sidelines complaining of chest pains late in Thursday’s game with Oakland. Tests the next day showed a large mass on his chest. He was sent to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to undergo a complete diagnosis.
Michael Oher, Tennessee Titans left offensive tackle whose life was focused on in the movie, “The Blindside” said, “Let’s all begin to pray for my good friend, Eric Berry.”
Only the Lord knows what Berry’s outcome and diagnosis will be.
My body aches at age 55 and sometimes I complain. But boy, do I have so much to be thankful for.
I’m heavyset but my heart is heavier for Jack Swift, retired Tomahawk sportswriter. I found out on Monday that Mr. Swift was having some serious medical procedures done this week. I’m asking for each of our readers to pray for Jack. Pray for Eric Berry and pray for one another.
Pray for the hungry and the hurting this holiday season.
I had intended on giving you a smorgasbord of sports stuff, but something led me to keep it simple.
I’ve got so much in life to thank “Him” for and I hope you do too.
I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless each of you.
Tim Chambers is the sports editor for The Tomahawk. You can reach Tim by email at [email protected]