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Snyder, a true outdoorsman

Dawson Snyder (10) shows his basketball athleticism against Sullivan North. He’s now leaping streams trying to find the best fishing holes.
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By Tim Chambers

Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

Dawson Snyder was a sharpshooting guard on the basketball court for three seasons but gave it up to pursue his love during his senior year.
Snyder is still an excellent marksman only now it’s in a different kind of sport.
Considered by many to be one of the best young outdoorsmen in the area Snyder specializes in several different regions.
You can find him hunting for deer during the fall and turkey when spring rolls around. Fishing gets the nod when those two are not in season.
“I love it all, but turkey and deer hunting are my favorites,” he said. “I can’t decide a favorite between the two because I love them both. It’s a wonderful feeling being out in the woods and seeing all the nature that surrounds us. I can’t think of anything better than being able to hunt and fish.”
Snyder deer hunts on the land owned by his family and turkey hunts in the same area along with some property owned by a few select neighbors. You can find him hunting deer in season from late September to early January and turkey from the end of March through early May.
“The hunting in these parts is excellent,” said Snyder. “The turkeys mate during the early part of the season and are fun to track down. I love deer season because it’s because of the peacefulness you find out in the open woods. I’ve enjoyed it ever since I was a young boy.”
Snyder takes this time of the year to enjoying fishing, which he does mostly in Johnson County. He said it’s a blessing to have nearly everything within such a short distance from his house.
“We’ve got some of the best places to fish up here right in our back door,” added Snyder. I fish Doe River, Elk River, Doe Creek and the Laurels. You can’t beat any of them if you know where to look at.”
Snyder always had a knack at finding the right spots on the court during his basketball days. He once fired in 30 plus points in back-to-back junior varsity games and ranks up significant numbers when it comes to reeling in the fish. He agreed there is an art to it.
“Every stream has good and bad places to fish. You usually won’t find good fishing if the area is close to the road. It’s an all-day trip to some places where I go. It takes a lot of practices, and it can be very frustrating at times.”
Snyder has done all types of fishing, but fly-fishing is mostly what he does now. He goes looking for rainbow and brown trout. He gave out some good advice for any person that might be interested in learning the art.
“You have to study it and be patient while learning it. It will make you not want to do it when you first start but stay with it. It gets better each time that you go. You’ll learn something new every time.”
Snyder touched briefly on his basketball days and why he left the hardwood.
“I enjoyed playing with my buddies and being around the competition, but I didn’t miss all the time that it took up. I would rather be outside in the woods that anywhere.”
Snyder gave credit to his grandpa Lynn Snyder for getting him into fishing and his uncle Tom for hunting.
“They broadened my love for it, but my dad was the one who took me first. He doesn’t do it much anymore, but they all had a hand in getting me hooked on it. I’m lucky to be in the family that I’m in.”
Snyder will attend Northeast State beginning this fall and will likely pursue a degree in the agriculture field. He was humble when I ask him if he would ever consider doing a television show if the opportunity arose.
“It would be like living a dream, but I don’t have the experience yet. I have a long ways to go to get where those guys on TV are, but I do think that it would be special.”
Nothing could be more special than seeing Snyder on
TV doing his thing right
here in Johnson County, Tennessee. Sometimes dreams do come true.