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Slow start for the JCMS Lady Longhorns


By Beth Cox
Freelance Writer

The Johnson County Middle School girls’ basketball had their first home game of the season Friday night to a packed house. The fans were cheering loud for their Lady Longhorns and hoping the girls could trample all over the Mosheim Indians, but sadly the Indians had their own plans as to who would be wrangled in for the night.
The Lady Longhorns had a strong presence at the beginning of the game. McKenzie Kelly did a good job taking the ball up the court but needs to be patient and wait for good passes and shots. She made three points in the second quarter and a free throw in the second half of the game. Aubree Glenn tried to move the ball down the court and tried to find an open shot, but offensively it just was not happening for the Lady Longhorns.
Sierra Green knew her team was in trouble when they had control of the ball, “we need to slow the ball down and not be slinging shots.” It is hard to win ballgames with only eight points in the first half and eight in the second. Aubree Glenn went away with five points for the night, followed by Kelly adding four of the sixteen points made by the Lady Longhorns. Desirea Robinson contributed three in the second half as well as Emily Walker.
Defensively, The Lady Longhorns could not make the needed adjustments to stop Mosheim’s fast breaks. The Indians stacked up quite a few points just from the foul line. The Lady Longhorns were quick, but they have to keep their hands up to avoid some unnecessary fouls. Early in the first quarter, the Lady Longhorns started racking up the fouls, and that continued throughout the night.
The Lady Longhorns are a talented team. They never gave up throughout the ballgame. They fought hard, which at times got them into some foul trouble.
With a little time in the gym, the Lady Longhorns will be ready for Unicoi County Thursday night at home.