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Senior leadership promising a solid JCHS golf season

Members of the Johnson County High School golf team Petie Pavusek, Jackson Mays, Payton Pavusek, Dakota Holt, Graham Reece, Anthony Hall, Dalton Adams, Seth Medley, Jaden Tolliver and Ridge Buff gather for a photo during the recent media day at the school’s athletic field. With Pavusek and Jackson at the helm, the program is promising to lead the competition. Photo by Sherry Grubb

By Beth Cox
Freelance Writer

As the talk around town is centered around Friday night’s opening football game, the golf team has been busy by already participating in two matches. Coach Eric Crabtree knew this year would be more of a learning experience for his team, which consists of several freshmen. He hopes to use this year as a building year for his young team.
On Wednesday, the golf team took on Sullivan Central where they scored 215 as a team. They did much better on Thursday as they played against University High. , “We are young and learning to play, but we will get better as the season continues,” Crabtree said.
The JCHS golf team has two outstanding seniors to lead the team this year. Petie Pavusek and Jackson Mays have shown talent, character, and leadership throughout their high school career. Crabtree mentioned that Pavusek will be top seed this year followed by Mays as the second seed.
Both seniors began playing golf in their sophomore year and both are are knowledgeable players who have a strong work ethic and a desire to get better each practice; they play to the top of their ability at each match.
“Petie and Jackson are great guys, and they are what all coaches look for in their athletes,” Crabtree said. They come out every practice and work as hard as they can to get better, and both have improved a lot since their sophomore year.”
“I have played for three years, since I was a sophomore,” Jackson said. “My dad is the reason that I got interested in golf. I had played before i tried out for the team, but wasn’t anywhere near the player I am today.”
Pavusek is known to be more of a baseball player, but he tried out for golf in his sophomore year and loved it. He admitted that he likes the calmness of golf, and began playing so he could remain active in the offseason of baseball, but did not want to participate in a sport that may cause injuries.
Of course, changing from golf to baseball can be a challenge. “Transitioning into baseball after golf does have its challenges,” Pavusek said adding, “Baseball requires a much different swing than golf.”
To Crabtree’s admiration for the senior golfer there is little doubt.
“Petie wants to be the best,” he said, “and has really improved his scores so far this summer and this past week by coming in third against University High.”
Both seniors are proud of how far they have come and, of course, would like to end the season with more wins than losses.
The golf team will travel to Elizabethton on Wednesday.