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Rough start for Longhorn Football

JC’s Connor Simcox (6) dropping back to pass in the Longhorns 48-12 loss to Chuckey Doak Friday night. Simcox ended the game with 243 passing yards. Photos by Joey Icenhour.

Johnson County 12, Chuckey Doak 48

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Longhorn fans made the two-hour trek to Chuckey Doak Friday, hoping that little practice and quarantine time for the Longhorns would not be the deciding factor of the game’s outcome.It did not take long to realize the hopes of the Longhorns to overcome several obstacles would just not happen during the matchup with the Black Knights. Chuckey Doak came out strong with the Black Knights getting a 21-0 lead over the Longhorns in the first quarter.

JC’s Corie Neely (21) runs for a first down in the Longhorns 48-12 loss to Chuckey Doak Friday night. 

The Longhorns were able to get a touchdown in the first quarter, but Chuckey Doak turned around and got another touchdown for the final play of the first quarter (28-6). The Black Knights didn’t stop their reign of terror on the Longhorns going into the second quarter. Chuckey Doak’s quarterback Cadin Tullock threw a 14-yard touchdown to Cole Lamons and an 80-yard touchdown to Hayden Anderson, with a 41-12 going into the half.

Johnson County’s Connor Simcox helped the point deficit with a 60-yard throw to Nate Rice for the touchdown finishing up the first half of the game. Simcox ended the night with 243 yards thrown with 140 receiving yards by Rice. The second half of the game was not as busy as the first part, but the Black Knights could get another touchdown in the third quarter. Unfortunately, the Longhorns just couldn’t make the connection in the second half for added touchdowns. However, Johnson County’s defense was able to slow Chuckey Doak down, and after the third quarter, the Black Knights didn’t add to the scoreboard.

Obviously, Coach Don Kerley wasn’t happy with the win; he told his team to keep their heads up and get ready for East at home, “we just have to work on catching the ball and getting stronger on defense as well. We played a lot of young kids, but hopefully, we will have everyone back and healthy this week.”

The team has been plagued by sickness, and some are still out due to health reasons, but Kerley knows that Chuckey Doak has a good team this year and credits them for playing some good football. Dalton Brown said the team got a wake-up call.

“We haven’t hit opponents in a long time, and that was the main factor in our loss.”