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Rebels’ offense hopeless against Johnson County

After being postponed by cold and snowy weather on Monday, the Johnson County Lady Longhorn softball team was ready to take on the Patrick Henry Rebels in the first full scrimmage of the season. Unfortunately Mother Nature seemed determined to thwart their plans as a slight drizzle at the beginning of the game grew progressively worse, ultimately shortening the round to five innings.
Aside from playing in a near downpour at the end of the game, the Lady Longhorns did very well against their Glade Springs, VA opponents. Freshman Cindy Eddington pitched the whole night, earning more than 50 strikes and ten strike outs. The Rebels’ offense was hopeless against Johnson County, striking out twice and hitting an out in the first inning alone.
The second inning ended up being the best for Patrick Henry, making it as far as third base by the third batter, and then back to second on the fourth. Unfortunately for the Rebels, neither one resulted in a run. The only other time in the game where Patrick Henry had a chance to get back on the board was in the fourth inning, where after three balls and two strikes, the Lady Rebels’ batter finally made a hit after three balls and two strikes that allowed them to eventually take third, following a double from the next batter. Yet after striking out two more times in a row with a stop at first, the Lady Longhorns put a damper on the Lady Rebels’ hopes.
Johnson County’s girls started off slow as well, but still managed to take third when Ashley Arnold made a run on a hit by Miranda Payne. Although there were no runs in the first, none of the girls struck out. In fact, none of the Lady Longhorns struck out until the third inning, and by then were standing on a total of six runs, thanks to Cindy Eddington, Liza Watson, and Caitlin Westphal in the second and Ashley Arnold, Miranda Payne, and Eden Smith in the third.
The fourth inning didn’t go as well for Johnson County, with hits by Kelsey Watson and Ashley Arnold resulting in outs, and Haley Miller getting picked off at second. Things got back on track in the fifth and final inning with three more runs, this time by Miranda Payne, Hollie Harrison, and Cindy Eddington.
As the players made their way back out to try a sixth inning, the coaches and officials began to discuss cutting the game short due to the weather. The rain was coming down heavily and with the score at 9-0 in Johnson County’s favor, the decision was made to end on the fifth. Even thought the game was only a scrimmage, it was a good showing of the potential that the Lady Longhorns have this year. Monday is the official opening day and Johnson County will soon have the chance to show that they mean business.

Final Score: Johnson County 9, Patrick Henry 0