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Proud to be a Longhorn

The Johnson County seniors pose for one last pictures in their final game as a Longhorn. Photo by Joey Icenhour.

By Tim Chambers
Sports Editor

Perhaps the nicest compliment about Johnson County’s football team can from an Alcoa fan as I was leaving the stadium.  One Alcoa player was standing outside their locker room as I walked by. I overheard him say, “man, those cats play hard.” I’m not sure if it was his parents or what, but their reply was at least they showed up to play.

Johnson County did show up and then some when it would have been easy to have played the COVID card all that against a team that has a dozen players who will suit up in college. 

“We’re going down there and give our all,” said Ryan Morefield during game week. And they did. Morefield was hit hard on a kickoff but bounced back up like a champion when it appeared like he might not get back up.

From an effort standpoint, the Horns get an A.  We had a freshman quarterback that stood like a gladiator in the pocket against the No.1 team in the state. I was never more proud to wear my Longhorns shirt on Friday, supporting our team. 

Jenna Horner, the placekicker, actually played some snaps at defensive back to make history.Matt Mowery made a remarkable play that the Tornadoes will definitely work on this week. He blocked a punt, but not only did he block the punt, but he hustled his tail off to recover the football on the one-yard line. All this while playing with an ankle sprain. Running backs Stacy Greer and Dalton Brown suited up and played despite battling injuries suffered in previous games. 

That’s the type of team the Longhorns are. Give your all, no excuses. We might have lost the game 49-0, but I’m proud of the Longhorns. It would be an honor to have your child play for Coach Don Kerley to Ethan Bower, Stacy Greer, and all the seniors. You made this old sports editor proud. Proud to be a Longhorn.