Phase One of the Longhorn football field is completed

By Beth Cox

Freelance Writer

Football season begins on Friday, August 23, but before the first kickoff, the

Longhorns need a football field.

That is why program head coach Don Kerley is working tirelessly to ensure the football field will be completed by the end of June. Kerley has been out on the field most nights along with other dedicated coaches, families, and volunteers to make sure they stay close to the timeline of completion.

The new drainage system has been installed, so now the focus is on getting the field leveled out, and in June the Bermuda sod can be put down.

The football field project is a huge undertaking and can be quite costly, so the Longhorn coach stressed the importance of utilizing the resources of others in the community.

“All of this would have been impossible if it weren’t for the great people of our community coming out and helping with either their talents or financial resources and sometimes both,” Kerley said.

Jimmy Phipps Hauling has worked hard on the field throughout the whole process. Joe Herman, Joe Clawson, Jerry Redden, and Hoilman Construction have also played a pivotal part in the construction of the football field. Farmers State Bank made a generous donation that helped with the overall cost of the renovation.

“It’s all coming along nicely, and I really appreciate everyone who has come out and helped,” he said, adding that “The field goal has been moved to give the Longhorns six more feet on the sidelines. Mountain Electric came out and helped with the project. Without their help, it would have taken us a while to get that field goal out of the ground and probably cost us more money, so I’m glad we had them here helping us.”

Everyone feels good about all the work that has been done, but more help is needed. Coach Kerley stated, “we could still use some volunteers; we are here most evenings working, so if anyone wants to help, we will be here,” He also encourages everyone to buy a banner as soon as possible so they can be up for the first game. The money made from the sale of the banners will go toward the field renovation project.

If anyone would like to volunteer or donate, please call Coach Don Kerley at 423-444-9724.