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Patrick Grayson shares his experiences as owner of Mad Hatters ABA basketball team

By Teresa Cunningham
Owning a basketball team is one of many endeavors Mountain City native Patrick Grayson is involved with. Grayson, a husband to Hannah and full time dad to Timothy, Selena, and Elana is a multi-task manager pursuing his passion for life and basketball in all that he does on and off the court. Purely by accident Grayson stumbled upon the idea to own his own team while playing for teams throughout the United States. Grayson was approached by another owner and the idea quickly became a reality, thus the ABA (American Basketball Association) Tennessee Mad Hatters was formed.
Patrick played basketball throughout high school at Johnson County High School. After graduation Grayson began honing his skills playing in leagues throughout the United States. Several successes and adventures later, Grayson began inching his way closer home with the development of the Mad Hatters team in Johnson City. Becoming a team owner was a huge time and financial investment as Grayson states, “It’s like running your own business.” The initial investment to own your own team is minimal, running it however functions like a business and requires more capital to run and maintain. Patrick has been fortunate and attributes his success and break into this industry to his investors and his family.
Former Science Hill and ETSU players are among the many devoted and talented players Grayson has on his roster. Patrick enlisted assistance from many businesses in Johnson City to allocate resources financially as well as physically, considering the team needed a gym to practice and play in and advertising for the games as well. The financial and physical contributions allowed Grayson the support needed to get this venture off and running. In addition to owning and operating the Tennessee Mad Hatters, Grayson has made a transition in other directions related to basketball.
Owner and operator of the On-Point Basketball Development Program, Grayson is able to assist both children and adults with playing basketball on professional and nonprofessional levels. The On-Point Basketball Development Program combines instruction for players’ specific needs and provides the outlet to perform by enlisting players in basketball leagues and summer camps.
The On-Point Basketball Development Program along with Macleem Sports Wear will provide area basketball enthusiasts with an opportunity to participate in the Rocky Top Summer Pro Basketball League. Patrick Grayson and Jay Brantley formed The Rocky Top SPL in order to allow aspiring players and coaches exposure and support with making their basketball dreams a reality. For more information on this and other services On-Point Basketball Development Program provides check it out on the web at www.
Basketball players and enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in this event taking place this summer beginning with a tryout camp in Johnson City on June 15 and 16 and Summer Pro League from June 25- June 30 also in Johnson City, TN.