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Opponents should fear 'The Dome'

By: Tim Chambers
Tomahawk Sports Editor
[email protected]

Should Johnson County be able to compete in the Three Rivers Conference with the likes of Sullivan East, Sullivan South and Elizabethton? You bet they should especially when they play inside of Ray Shoun Gymnasium.  
Winning road games is a tough chore for every team. And some have it tougher than others.
There is not much of a home court advantage when you go play inside a large gym with very few fans and not much crowd noise. What could be intimidating about seeing a thousand empty seats?
But Ray Shoun Gymnasium could and should be totally different. There are several reasons that I can give that will support my theory. I hope to not offend anyone.
Opposing teams should begin to feel butterflies churning inside their stomachs once they cross the Butler Bridge. And barf bags should be on standby if opponents choose to enter Mountain City for the first time on selected mountain roads.
But the real fear should start once they walk inside a “jammed packed “Rockin’ Ray Shoun Gymnasium.” Trying to get a seat for the visitors should be like trying to squeeze five heavyweights into a 1968 Volkswagon Doodle Bug. Get my drift?
 I want to applaud the student section for being so vocal. They can get downright annoying at times for the opposition.
To me you all are the “Longhorn Lunatics.” I would rather be “Under the Dome” than inside the Ray Shoun Dome if I was a player or coach and you guys were dogging me.
But that wasn’t the case against Unicoi County. You weren’t loud like in the previous games. And a whole lot of others followed suit.
The cheerleaders should have been out on the floor pumping up the crowd before the game ever started. Instead they were sitting inside the hallway waiting on the team to score 10 points before they ever started cheering.

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