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‘Nip it in the bud’

By:  Tim Chambers

Tomahawk Sports Editor

[email protected]

Nearly all of our readers have watched the Andy Griffith show. If you grew up during the 60’s, seeing Sheriff Andy and his Deputy Barney Fife work together was somewhat remarkable.
The show is still a hit with its reruns. Some have been seen numerous times but we still enjoy them just like the first time they were viewed.  Have you ever stopped to think what Mayberry would have been like if Barney had been the sheriff?  When Andy was in charge the town was a special place and Barney followed his lead. Things however weren’t as smooth when Barney was left in charge without Andy being there.
Sheriff Andy had the knowledge and experience that made him a great leader plus he knew how to deal with people. Barney kept things stirred up without his assistance and sometimes he rubbed people the wrong way.
He was perfect in the role as Deputy Fife as the second man on the totem pole. Playing the role as sheriff wasn’t his cup of tea.
But this column is not about the Andy Griffith Show or about Andy and Barney.
It’s about finding the right coach to lead a team and sometimes that can be a difficult task.
We harp on putting the best teachers in the classrooms and I most certainly agree with that but here comes my next question.
Why can’t that apply to hiring coaches?
Coaching is all about teaching and the two go hand in hand.
Coaching starts with teaching fundamentals and basic instruction. It also contains winning the trust of players.
A coach can demand discipline from his team but he must earn that and the respect from his players. The team will fail unless it is implemented.
Take Barney and Andy for instance.
Barney had the whole town locked up in jail including Aunt Bee for breaking the law. Andy returned home and thought everything was peaceful because nobody was on the street.
And remember when Gomer got the ticket for a U—turn and he then cited Barney for doing the same thing, “citizen’s arrest?”

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