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Mercy Rule ends Unicoi game with 14-0 score

The Lady Longhorns were handed one of their worst losses this season when they traveled to Erwin last Monday to take on the Unicoi County Lady Blue Devils. There was a seemingly huge imbalance in luck as Unicoi drastically came out of a recent offensive slump while Johnson County found themselves in serious trouble at bat. With numerous pop ups, short grounders, and a few critical strikeouts, the Lady Longhorns simply could not find the gaps they needed in Unicoi’s defense. In all, Johnson County had just one hit on the night, a single from Michala Cretsinger to help start off the second inning.
By comparison, Unicoi’s hitting was on fire. In every inning except the first the Lady Blue Devils were able to get on base along with several doubles and two home runs in the second and fourth. Those two hits alone accounted for five total runs out of the 14 that Unicoi was able to put across in five innings. “It didn’t matter where we pitched it they were going to hit it,” said Head Coach Dana Smith. “We could have rolled it on the ground and they would hit a home run out of it. They were just on and they haven’t been on. They just absolutely killed the ball. It just happened. We made a few missed cues on defense but not many. It was just that they were hitting where we were not.”
Ironically the offensive imbalance didn’t really seem to have much to do with the pitching. Cindi Eddington took the mound for the Longhorns and did a good job of working the count in most instances, but more often than not the Lady Blue Devils were able to get one good contact with the ball that found its way just outside the reach of Johnson County’s fielders. A mirror opposite, Unicoi’s pitcher was throwing out some very hittable spots, but far too many ended up finding a catcher’s glove. As a result, Johnson County did get on base a few times but it was always through a walk or an error.
Demi Blevins came closest to scoring a run for the Longhorns after leading off in the fifth. Taking base on a walk, Blevins was pushed to second by Meghan Walters who finally got to first after working to a full count. Both runners were left stranded after a strikeout resulted in the second out and the inning wrapped up on a fly ball to the shortstop. With Unicoi now in double digits, officials ended the game in the 5th 0-14.
“It’s a blue fever I think,” Smith said about the loss. “I really think it was the blue fever, their pitcher wasn’t anything special and we should have been hitting the ball but we weren’t. We only had one hit. It affected us. We would put the bat on the ball but it was all about hitting at somebody. We didn’t have that many strikeouts.”