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Mejia leads by example for the JCMS Longhorns

JC’s Juan Mejia (1) runs past the Highlanders’ defense Thursday night in the Longhorns 28-8 win. Photo by Dean Jones

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Since the beginning of the football season, one name that keeps appearing on the stat sheet and out on the field is Juan Mejia. The talented young Longhorn has been leading Johnson County to victory with one touchdown right after another.

“Juan is an extremely talented player but a better person,” said Coach Devin Shaw, adding, “We’ve always told the teams we’ve had that good kids make good players, and that attitude is everything. I think that is why Juan and Ben Reece have had so much success on the field.”

Mejia is a player that gives back. He has begun to stay after practice to help the younger players. He, along with Reece, was chosen by their teammates as two of the four captains. He is a humble player and explains his strategy for playing, “I simply play like there are no points on the scoreboard.” Mejia is motivated by his coaches and teammates, and he is so proud to represent his county when he plays sports; he also plays basketball and baseball.

Mejia did not have the best start when it came to sports. With having both a heart murmur and eye surgery, it is surprising how far he has come. His success can only be attributed to his work ethic and love of sports that have led him to accomplish all he has. It is rare to see such high standards and a high moral compass in such a talented young man. He not only represents his team and county well but also his family. He does not want to score the most but contribute to winning the game.

This young athlete also contributes nicely with almost 200 yards rushing and by running in touchdowns. He is a solid defensive player, contributing nicely to breaking down the offense of many teams, which has helped the Longhorns stay undefeated.

Mejia will continue to represent Johnson County well. He wants to take his skills to the professional level when he is done with school. Mejia’s strong work ethic, talent, and leadership will lead him to wherever he wants to go.