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main coaches in Virginia State title game

By Matt Hill

JCHS alum Teena Main was able to do something that most people in this area have never done before two weeks ago in Radford, Va.
Main, an assistant softball coach at Abingdon, Va. High School, coached in the state championship game in Virginia’s group AA..
The Lady Falcons lost in that final game, but the memories Main has made from this season will last a lifetime.

Abingdon had been playing second fiddle to the attention Damascus was getting after making the Senior League World Series last year, but both Abingdon and Holston were able to make the state finals in their respective divisions.
As for Main, the season was one she will never forget.

“This team stayed focus the whole time,” Main said. “We weren’t even picked to win our District. We won the district and region which that itself is a major accomplishment for us and then we got to the state tournament and it was a wild ride.”
Holston and Abingdon both advancing to the state finals was a big deal for the area and Main feels they have inspired each other.

“If they didn’t inspire us then we inspired them,” Main said. “I’ve known Coach Lisa Blackburn for several years and I told her on our ball field that if you keep doing the right things you guys are going to be really good. It’s about doing the right things. You have to stay motivated, the kids have to stay motivated and you have to stay focused.
“I don’t think we realized how far we could get. I don’t think it’s hit anybody yet. It’s pretty sweet.”
The Lady Falcons were a good solid team all the way around with the hitting and pitching as well as the fielding all coming together.
“We played strong defense, we had the Region 4 pitcher of the year and the kids stayed focus and they wanted it. The last kid we faced from Northside was the best pitcher we had seen all year. She had one earned run in 30 games. We went to the bottom of the eighth and we Logan Byers hit a triple with two outs. It was a pitchers duel that final game.”

Personally for the Johnson County native, Main was able to accomplishment the amazing feat of coaching in a state championship game.
The experience of making it that far was something that she is very happy about.
“It was amazing for me,” Main said. “When you see all your hard work and then you see the results, that’s what it meant to me. Being a part of history and getting to the final game and being from somewhere that nobody really knows about with a great family and having faith, it means a lot to finally get there.

“I hope this is something that people will look up to the accomplishment not the person. Anybody out there that has a desire to do something, you have to work hard to get there. Nothing has ever been given to me, I’ve earned everything I’ve gotten. I tell my players you have to play every game like it’s your last. I always tell them to look yourself in the mirror and that if you can be proud of yourself that day then pat yourself on the back, if not then you need to work harder. But as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror then that’s all that counts.”
Main, who played for JCHS in the 80s, has always tried to teach life lessons in her coaching no matter where she’s been.
She has been able to do the same for the Abingdon girls the last few years and enjoys teaching more than just winning and losing.
“I told the girls they have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing hang their heads down about,” Main said. “You have gone so much further than anybody ever expected you to. This is the first day of the rest of your life.

“I told them that if somebody came up and gave you a million dollars, you would not appreciate it as much as if you worked for that million dollars. They had to work for that state tournament and that’s what makes it important.”
Main has a very supportive family and good friends in Johnson County who are very pleased with her accomplishment.

“They’re proud of me and when you love something so much you don’t see it as a job, I get to go to practice and help these kids pitch and learn how to hit and all that stuff. We’re all pretty excited,” Main said.
The future looks very bright for Main as she continues to climb the coaching ladder.
Main is exploring every opportunity out there.

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