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Mahala MVP of F.C.A. All-Star game; Reece also has great performance

Two members of the JCHS Softball Team recently played together one last time at the Tennessee-Virginia FCA All-Star Game.
JCHS players Sam Mahala and Allyson Reece both had excellent games against good competition and had a lot of fun.
Mahala was named team MVP in game two, finishing with a home run and a win on the mound.
Tennessee won game two while Virginia won game one.
“It felt great,” Mahala said. I'm really happy we won and I hit that home run and I thank God for it.”
The home run hit by Mahala was one that she will never forget, especially considering that she is known more as a pitcher than a hitter.
“That's the farthest I have ever hit one,” Mahala said. “It feels pretty good to do that.”
The game was actually rained out the first time they were supposed to play it, but Mahala knows there was a reason for it.
The game was supposed to be played in Wise, Va., but was moved to Gray so that the Tennessee kids wouldn't have to drive twice.
:”God had a reason why He rained us out,” Mahala said. “It was better to play in Tennessee, but I wouldn't have cared to play up there.
Mahala was reunited with some of the girls she played with in travel ball and made some new friends as well.
“I enjoyed playing with them,” Mahala said. “They were all really nice.”
Mahala liked the fact the game was sponsored by Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Mahala also was able to play with Reece one last time before they go to separate schools. Reece is going to UVA-Wise while Mahala is going to Milligan.
“It was good that she was there to catch for me,” Mahala said.
Reece also played very well in the game and though she didn't get to play on her college field like it was originally planned, it was still a great experience.
“It was real nice to get to go and play with a bunch of girls I have always played against,” Reece said. “It was fun to play against the Virginia team because we were all really good. I guess that's just how far the sport has come. It's nice to see girls who love the game like I do.”
Reece said the talent level was very high.
“I feel like I did good, but everybody did good,” Reece said. “It's hard to compare when you play competition that's outstanding. That team was the best of the best.”
Tennessee did lose the first game, but had a nice bounce back in game two.
“I think in the second game we were all warmed up,” Reece said. “We were ready to go. Some of our teammates showed up when the game was about to start and the Viriginia team came out hard because they were ready. I guess that goes to show you to be prepared because you may not get a second chance at it.”
Reece enjoyed playing with Mahala before they face off against one another in college.
“It was fun,” she said. “To play with Sam one more time was fun before we're going to be rivals. We're not going to be in the same conference anymore (Milligan and UVA-Wise use to be in the same conference), but we will play each other and it will be a rivalry between the two of us. It was fun to get to play with my teammate one last time and make our county proud.
“I was glad to see Sam have such a great game and glad that Coach (Wes) Holly was there to watch her and I'm sure he was proud of her. She'll do well at Milligan.
Reece was very happy about F.C.A. giving her and her teammates the opportunity to play one last time.
“They were all so nice and I appreciate doing this for us,” Reece said. “It's a great ministry for them to go out and do this in God's name and let everyone know that people from Johnson County, Elizabethton and Unicoi are all God-oriented.”
Reece is ready to take that next step in her life.
“I'm so excited about going to play college ball and I actually went up there last week for the kids camp and met a bunch of my teammates,” Reece said. “I feel like a new member of the family so I can't wait to go up there and play and live and go to school.”
Also competing in the game from our area was Holston outfielder Faith Ritchie, who just recently played in the Virginia Group A Division I state championship game.