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Longhorns trounce Tri-Cities Christian 72-49

The Longhorns were on a roll against the Tri-Cities Christain Golden Eagles last week. Even playing on their home turf there was little the Eagles could do to slow Johnson County down and despite having two strong players on their team, Tri-Cities was forced to face off against a fully loaded team of Longhorns.
By the end of the night, even players off the bench were coming in and making big advances of their own. Jordan Grubb landed a couple of solid buckets in the second half while Morgan Eggers, Patrick South, and freshman Cody Bailey made headway late in the game. The powerhouse of the evening was Brian Dempsey with a whopping 24-point total.
Dempsey landed three buckets and a free-throw in the first quarter alone and managed to push his team forward on the scoreboard from there on. Coming in at the post position, lay-ups that didn’t go in usually resulted in fouls and thankfully Dempsey is as accurate on his shots as he is tough under the net. Eight of the junior’s points were attributed to foul shots alone, coming up to the line at least once in all four quarters.
Helping Dempsey out on the offense was Dalton Timbs and Chase Phillips. After being out several games on the injured list Phillips has slowly been building back up to where he was earlier in the season, putting in three buckets in the first half and two more late in the second. Complementing Phillip’s drives into the goal was several long-range shots by Dalton Timbs, who boasted a 3-pointer in the first, a 3-pointer in the third and five regular baskets.
Against this talented lineup, Tri-Cities relied mainly on their two best shooters, #13 Drew Blythe and #35 Joseph Holden. Both boys were able to put up a number of long buckets, with Blythe knocking down two 3-pointers in the first half along with another by Holden. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Johnson County’s defense was also on top of their game, with River Cazire, Chris Poteet, and J.R. Speed working hard to force turnovers. In the end Blythe and Holden proved to be the only two players that could effectively work around the Longhorns to get a clean look.

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