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Longhorns show up for home crowd

By Beth Cox

The Longhorns could not wait to be let loose to
the home crowd Friday night at JCMS. The boys were on fire from the very beginning and kept pounding the Mosheim Indians to the very end.
The Longhorns strength and versatility helped control the game from the beginning. At the end of the first quarter, the Longhorns were up 13-6, but in the second quarter, this young team exploded on the court by taking advantage of the Indians’ weaknesses both offensively and defensively. The fast break was a favorite of Dalton Pope and Connor Stout, which helped stack up some points against the Indians. Connor Simcox was the gatekeeper for the Longhorn defense; the Indians just was no match for Simcox’ strength and height. Mosheim had no choice but to resort to outside shooting, which did not work in their favor. Johnson County’s defense was all over the Indians, and by the end of the first half, the Horns’ domination was in full winning mode with a score of 31-12.
The Longhorns were impressive with their inside game, as well. Feeding the ball to Simcox was advantageous for the Horns. The Indians tried everything to stop the 6’1 center, but it was an impossible task.
The second half of the game, the Indians had a brief gain of momentum, but the Longhorns quickly showed them they were not about to stop their attack, they had something to prove, and by the end of the game, they showed everyone they had what it takes to be a successful team.
Coach Mark McClain was proud of how his team looked in their first home game of the season. The first-year coach for Johnson County appreciated the turnout for the game and felt his team” fed off of the crowd’s enthusiasm.” He knows there is work to be done though, “my guys played hard, but we have some areas we need to improve on.” Simcox also was happy about the win, “I’m glad we could win. It felt good for the home crowd.”