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Longhorns put to the test in recent basketball camp

The JCHS boys’ basketball team finished up their summer camp circuit this week after a successful JV Camp hosted by Gate City High School and a larger varsity camp at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. In both events the Longhorns were put to the test against some very talented teams and even though there were plenty of tough defeats there were a few real bright spots as well.
“We played pretty good,” Coach Austin Atwood said about the Gate City camp.  “It was good experience for those kids again. The more they play the better they are going to get. They played some guys that had a little more experience and I thought they did a pretty good job.”
Even though the games were geared toward Junior Varsity teams, there were a few older teams present as well, giving Johnson County their first big challenge against the Lee County High School Generals. Although the game ended in a tough 44-63 loss, the team was able to stay well within reach of a win all the way through the third quarter. Freshman Bud Icenhour did a particularly good job playing in the guard position.
“We expect a lot out of Bud,” said Atwood. “He’s pretty talented and with people like that you ask a little more out of those kids. He’s done a pretty good job so far. He’s got a little bit he has to work on but the more he plays the better he’s going to be. He’s been a good team player. He’s not been selfish. He’s done a pretty good job.”
Other up and coming athletes including Dawson Snyder got to try their hand against some of the more veteran teams, but it was some of the rising sophomores that gave the biggest surprise. Dalton Eller and Daniel Cunningham both went along with the team on their trip to Virginia Tech and made a good showing, while Austin Houser continues to grow in his role as the team’s center.
“We took some thumpings, but it was good for our young kids,” said Atwood.  “Austin Houser played well. We took Daniel Cunningham to this one and he did a pretty good job. Dalton Eller has some varsity time. He comes every day. We’ve been pleased with him. He’s farther ahead than we thought he would be right now.”

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