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Longhorns pull a solid 7-4 victory over the Holston Cavaliers

In the first consecutive win of the season, following a close game with Sullivan North, the Johnson County Longhorns pulled a solid 7-4 victory over the Holston Cavaliers. Johnson County seems to be picking up some speed following a few early setbacks. Senior Andy Stout pitched the majority of the game, throwing out a whopping 121 pitches, with 73 strikes overall and seven strikeouts. Starting off a little shaky in the first after surrendering four Cavalier runs, Stout came into his own, helping to prevent a single Cavalier run for the rest of the game.
When asked about his performance overall Stout stated, “Well, I’m sore but I feel pretty good. It was an honest win. All I had to do was get through that first inning and we just cruised through the rest of the game. After the first inning it was just three here, two there, three here. It just kept running up on them. It was a lot about the effort. We just didn’t give up. We kept going at them strong and pulled out with the win.”
The strong pitching game aside, Stout was also one of several Longhorns to get in some good hits at bat, reaching base three times. Continuing his strong performance for the week, shortstop Judd Hammons also reached base three times, including a two run double in the top of the fifth that allowed Johnson County to overcome Holston’s first inning gains, 5-4.
Other big hitters for the evening included Ryan Mahala and Dusty Stout, who both scored two runs, and Jacob Henson who landed a big double in the top of the fourth that allowed another runner across home plate. The Holston offense didn’t fare as well, despite an early string of four consecutive runs in the first inning. With only four base earning hits in the whole game, the Cavaliers were forced to rely on walks and were often quickly outed before getting the opportunity.
Troubles with pitching also hindered Holston’s ability to contain the Longhorns, giving Judd Hammons, Dusty, Stout, Craig Jennings, and Ryan Mahala all the opportunity to take first after being hit by the pitcher.
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