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Longhorns gain win over FCA Flames

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The JCHS boys’ baseball team finally got a lovely spring day to play baseball with hometown support as Johnson County hosted the FCA Flames Monday night.
With the help of some good hits and three strong pitchers, the Longhorns were able to easily take the 8-0 victory from the Flames in a shut-out performance.
It was a slow go for the first three innings of the game, but in the bottom of the fourth, the Longhorns worked things out and got three runs on the board.
Seth Condor hit a single fly ball right field, bringing in Grayson Holt and Icenhour.
Zack Parsons followed by hitting a line drive back to right field, bringing home Condor. The 4th inning ended with the Longhorns’ 3-0 lead.
Johnson County shut down the Flames with a great performance by pitcher Asa Lewis.
The Longhorns continue to add insult to injury by gaining two more runs in the fifth. Icenhour scored from Peyton Pavusek’s single to left field.
Dakota Holt got on the mound in the sixth, striking out two of three.
The Longhorns came out strong in the bottom of the sixth, extinguishing the Flames with three more runs.
Nathan King advanced home when Lewis was hit by the pitcher. Lewis himself allowed five hits and no runs as he pitched five innings for Johnson County.
The senior pitcher also struck out eight batters with zero walks for the night. Holt and Parsons helped clean up at the mound relieving Lewis.
Icenhour, Parsons, and Condor had multiple hits throughout the game, each having two hits to lead Johnson County to victory over the Flames.
Coach Eric Crabtree liked what he saw in his team and said, “Asa did a good job stopping many players
at the plate. We hit well
today, which gave us the momentum we needed to finish strong.”