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Longhorns fought back, fall short against the Buffaloes

With 1:14 left in the second quarter, JC’s Dalton Brown (13) recovered a West Greene fumble and ran it in for a 56-yard touchdown. Photos by Joey Icenhour

West Greene 22, Johnson County 14

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Johnson County traveled back to Greene County Friday night to take on the West Greene Buffaloes. The long drive gave the Longhorns time to reflect on the last team they faced in Greene County. The scenario would not be the same as the fate they met at Chuckey Doak

The first quarter was challenging for the Longhorns.Connor Simcox threw 76 passing yards in the first quarter but couldn’t get a touchdown. West Greene was able to get an early touchdown when quarterback Jaden Gregg ran the ball for 54 yards. Gregg threw to Leeland Norton early in the second quarter for another touchdown for West Greene. The Buffaloes got another touchdown by intercepting the throw by Simcox.

It seemed the Long- horns would be heading to the locker room with no points on the scoreboard. However, with 1:51 on the clock, Simcox ran for the first down. At 1:34 on the clock, the Longhorns were called for a false start, making it first and 15. The Longhorns were able to get additional yards, but time was running out. Sim- cox got the snap looked at Corie Neely, who was wide open and sent the ball straight to Neely, who then contacted for the night’s first touchdown for the Longhorns.

The score was 7-19 with 1:14 on the clock. Nate Rice made a nice kick to the Buffaloes. Quarterback Gregg throws to Zachary Diltz, but the Longhorns got the tackle. The Buffaloes had the ball at the 50-yard line, West Greene got the ball back, Gregg took it and passed to Braxley Britton, but Nathan King tackled him. Britton also fumbled the ball; Dalton Brown picked it up and ran for 56 yards for the touchdown.

West Greene controlled the first half of the ball- game, but with less than two minutes on the clock, the Longhorns were back in the game with the second-half kickoff. Senior Julianna Lisi kicked for the extra point. The Longhorns ended the second quarter with points on the board (14-19).

The second half of the game didn’t start well for the Longhorns. Simcox did a great job getting the ball to Neely, all the way to first and goal on the one-yard line. The Longhorns fumbled the ball, and West Greene recovered it. West Greene will get an additional three points for a 21-yard field goal. The final score will go to West Greene, 22-14.

The Longhorns defense helped stop the Buffaloes. Trevor Henson and Dalton Brown each had four tackles to end the night. Corie Neely and Ethan Icenhour had nine and eight tackles, respectively. Freshmen Jace Stout and Kyle Sluder contributed nicely as well. Stout finished the night with six tackles.

Hats off to the hardest working quarterback out there. Simcox has a great arm and works hard on every play. He struggled with pass- ing and then started running the ball and had 58 rushing yards for the night. Corie Neely was right behind him with 54 rushing yards. The Longhorns play at home Friday night against Volunteer.

JC’s Corie Neely (21) scored the Longhorns rst touchdown of the evening on a pass from Quarterback Connor Simcox. Neely also rushed for 54 yards in the Longhorns 22-14 loss to West Greene.