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Longhorns defeat Cyclones in double overtime

By Beth Cox
Sports writer

Elizabethton High School began the boys’ game with a production of special effects, smoke, and even a band Tuesday night.
However, the big production and the student-led hecklers from the Cyclone side of the aisle could not control their opponent.
The Longhorns played like a team on a mission. Granted, Elizabethton got off to a great start in the first quarter. Jake Roberts put up six points, while Keleo Hambreck knocked away a three-pointer, which caused some concern for Coach Atwood, who said he simply told his boys to calm down and play their game.
The Longhorns’ heeded the words of their coach and came alive in the second quarter. Johnson County owned the second quarter with Preston Greer adding 14 points to the scoreboard and stepping up and making the big plays happen.
The Longhorn defense also helped stop the Cyclones’ domination. Peyton Pavusek and Conner Simcox led the way with rebounds and got the ball out of Cyclone territory. Pavusek also contributed four points to the overall score, and Simcox, still nursing an injured arm, put seven points on the board from under the basket for the night.
As the second quarter finished, Atwood’s only concern was foul trouble with some key players.
The Longhorns entered the third quarter determined as ever, and it showed in every play. Johnson County came out strong against Elizabethton, stealing the ball and banking some shots. However, the Cyclones did the same thing. This was a back and forth game of rebounding and shooting.
With Atwood’s team collecting more fouls by the fourth quarter, the pressure was on the Longhorns. The Cyclones’ had a few issues as well. Roberts received a technical, which put Greer on the foul line and Longhorn ball. The fourth quarter
ended 68-68.
Both teams were unwilling to give the game away, and it seemed the back and forth plays continued, which ended with another overtime.
However, during the second overtime, it appeared the Cyclones simply lost steam. The Longhorns certainly had not and continued to throw in a combination of three-pointers and post shots, adding in a few foul shots as well for an added bonus. The night ended with Parsons making the last shot and clinching the foul. Three-point play put the Longhorns in triple digits (101-85) and the win.
Greer was just ecstatic about the win, “we had the energy, and we never gave up.” Greer was everywhere; he could not be contained. He left with a personal best of 41 points. Zack Parsons added 21 points.
The amazing win for the Longhorns was all about the team. Dalton Robinson’s defense around the paint led Elizabethton to plan “B,” especially for number 0, Roberts, who eventually fouled out. Robinson added nine points around the arc. Unfortunately, Robinson was the first casualty of war, leaving the game early by fouling out. Graham Reese put down some pretty threes at the most opportune time. He had six points for the night.
Every Longhorn player on the court fought hard. They also learned how to play defensively without getting the foul. Greer, Parsons, and Pavusek had four points at the end of the night. Simcox hit the bench with Robinson fouling out in the fourth quarter.