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Longhorns couldn’t stop the Rebels

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

It was another tough night on the road for the Longhorns as they traveled to South Greene High School to battle against the 2A conference champions.
The Longhorns have been plagued with illness and injuries for several weeks. The past three games were played without Johnson County’s standout Dalton Brown who is now out for the season. 
Other players took their turn at either quarantine, Covid-19, or injuries, making it difficult to move forward with so many obstacles on the path to victory.  
With everyone healthy and focused, South Greene would have still been a fierce competitor for the Longhorns. Ranked 10th in the state and have already won their conference, the Rebels came out ready to send the Longhorns packing early in the first quarter. 
Rebels’ Quarterback Derick Myers was untouchable, passing 4-for-4 for touchdowns in the first half for 234 yards. The Longhorns were just put out in the pasture with little hope of success with just two points on the scoreboard. The rest of the night was all Rebel country.
The win only helped the Rebels in the state rankings, but for now, the Longhorns have two more games before the playoffs begin. 
Hopefully, everyone will be healed, healthy, and present because it will take everyone playing their best football to secure two
crucial wins against Cloudland and Unicoi.

How about those
The Longhorn Nation needs to give credit to the freshmen players this season.  
Usually, freshmen do not appear too much in the lineup in football, but Coach Don Kerley had no choice but to grab some freshmen to play. Kudos to these players. They stepped up and have made a difference on the field.  
Freshmen Carter Rhudy incepted a pass by the Rebels in the third quarter, which gave a little momentum back to the Longhorns. 
Kyle Sluder has covered quite a bit of territory this year on defense and taken down several opponents with some crucial tackles. Jace Stout has been a pivotal player in many areas on the field especially filling in as a kicker for Nate Rice, who was out for an injury.
Besides Rhudy’s interception, another highlight was another inception, this time by Daniel Stout. As many Longhorn fans were about to call it a night and feeling a little discouraged, Daniel Stout came out to incept the ball. 
Unfortunately, the clock ran out, but Stout left a
favorable taste in the fans’ mouths just before the game ended.
The Longhorns will play Cloudland High School Thursday night at Paul McEwen Stadium at Johnson County High School.