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Longhorns claim solid victory over Sullivan North

The Longhorns were back on their feet Tuesday night in the second home game for the week. Besting the Sullivan North Golden Raiders 6-2, Johnson County began with a sluggish first few innings, but finished up strong in the 5th and 6th. Ryan Mahala once again took to the pitchers mound, racking up 109 pitches with 73 strikes and 6 strikeouts. Following the trend of the game Mahala started off slow but came in with a big finish.
According to Coach Pete Pavusek, “Mahala struggled a little bit at the first and we had to change up the pitch sequence. There were just too many fast balls. When the word’s out that a kid is going to throw all fast balls you’ve got to mix it up a little bit, change it up a little bit, throw out a curve ball, knuckle ball, something else, to keep the batters off balance. I think he did a good job adjusting and making changes. He kind of settled down, got into a rhythm, got into the groove, and did pretty good.”
Despite a few defensive errors, the Longhorns were able to keep North from scoring for the majority of the game, making exception for a couple of isolated advances in the second and third innings where the Raiders managed to take home twice. Unfortunately the Longhorns hadn’t advanced much either, with only a single run by Judd Hammons that came off an RBI by Daniel Helm in the first four innings.
“There were a couple of defensive letdowns but it didn’t hurt us too bad,” said Pavusek. “They scored a couple of early runs and we were trying to play a little small ball, bunt and steal, move people over. We were just trying to get even but then had some big hitters come up and they really came through. They knocked in a couple runs and got us the lead.”
Down by one, Johnson County’s luck began to change as River Cazire took to bat again in the fifth. Making his way to third, Cazire eventually became the first run in the inning off an RBI from Dusty Stout. Hammons was next to make a big gain for the Longhorns, taking first off a walk and pushing his way home thanks to a big triple by Daniel Helm who also put up his own run.
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