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Longhorn football off to an awesome start in pre-season

The Longhorns have continued to see success in the pre-season with a second scrimmage victory last Friday against the much larger Cherokee High School Chiefs from Rogersville. Getting off to a rough start with a bad kick that allowed Cherokee to make a huge 70 plus yard touchdown in the second play of the game, Johnson County fought back and relied heavily on their line to help even the score. According to Head Coach Don Kerley the team had been working the entire week prior to improve their offense and even accounting a few slip-ups, the difference was plain to see.
“We were a little different than we were at Volunteer.” Kerley began. “We just didn’t block anybody at Volunteer. At Volunteer we played better defense, but at Cherokee we played a whole lot better offense. That makes a big difference. That’s all we worked for a whole week. We blocked and blocked and blocked, and that’s what we looked the best on and that really surprised me. Aaron Osborne ran the ball well for us, Cole Peters had a good night running, and Warren did too, but the way the line blocked it probably wouldn’t have mattered who ran it and that’s a good thing.”
Two of the team’s four overall touchdowns came from passing runs, with Cody Bailie making one particularly good pass with about 50 yards to his credit. Bailie went on to land a couple other good plays and along with veteran receivers like Greg Roark the team was able to quickly bounce back from their early mistakes and tie it up.

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