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Longhorn female kicker has talent and motivation

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

Many can recall the moment Jenna Horner became the first female to score for the Longhorns in football action. She can look back on her career and know she paved the way for many other females to have the confidence to try out for the JCHS football team. One such player is senior Julianna Lisi.

Lisi moved to Johnson County from New Jersey in April of this year. She was an accomplished ski racer and soccer player for her school, Burke Mountain Academy. Her first love is ski racing, but an injury to her ACL ended her ski racing career, explaining that after injuring her ACL her freshman year, she tried the slopes again her Sophomore year but reinjured the same ACL. She knew then her career as a ski racer was over after her second injury.

“I was devastated, having physical therapy for two straight years, not being able to play soccer or compete in ski racing,” she said. “I felt empty inside without sports.”

Lisi was inspired by Horner’s story, which gave her the confidence to try out for the team. “I found out there was a female kicker on the team, so I thought maybe I could do that too,” she said.

She went to the school to try out. After they saw her kick, they took down her information, and so far, it has been a great experience for the senior kicker.

“Playing for the Longhorns has been amazing,” she said. All the boys on the team have been very supportive, and we have a great time at practice.”

Coach Don Kerley sees her getting better every day and feels she will be well utilized. Lisi wants to be a part of a team.

“Coming in as a senior is hard,” she said, adding, “I’ll only have one year. I’m definitely going to make the most of the season and help out in any way that I can.”