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Longhorn baseball team ends dry spell with big win

The Johnson County Longhorns baseball team seems to have found a new focus, ending a dry spell with a big victory over the Happy Valley Warriors. After losing to Happy Valley on the opening night of the season, the Longhorns were ready and determined not to have the same results at home. With a big first inning that started off with a double from Judd Hammons and eventually resulted in the first of four runs, Johnson County was quick to prove that they meant business.
Ryan Mahala took to the mound and threw out an excellent full seven innings With a total of 103 pitches and 67 strikes, Coach Pete Pavusek was more than pleased with Mahala’s performance. “We jumped out with four runs in the first inning and then Ryan closed the door after that. The pitching was good. With 9 strikeouts he got ahead of the batter 77 percent of the time. As a batter to get in the box with an 0-1 count right off the bat, that’s tough to do. Mahala was jumping ahead and doing real well. He was getting in a rhythm, getting in the flow and Happy Valley couldn’t do much with him.”
Overall the Longhorn’s defense was at the top of their game, with Judd Hammons, Daniel Helm, Chad Hodgkiss, and Harley Reece working the infield and Jacob Henson and Andy and Dusty Stout taking care of the outfield. The defense did so well that the Warriors were unable to even take second base until the third inning, and only managed one run the entire game.
If Happy Valley’s batter did manage to land a hit on one of Mahala’s pitches, the catchers were quick to respond, stopping the Warrior’s in their tracks with numerous consecutive outs. Happy Valley finally got its first and only run in the fifth inning, only to be stalled again in the sixth and seventh.
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