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Little League Spotlight

Eastridge Construction Dodgers Front Row, L-R: Timothy Brown, Nate Reece, Nathan King, Grayson Holt, Locki Lunsford and Josh Crofts. Second Row, L-R: Ezra Howard, Sam Sweeker, Ethan Icenhour, Gaston Dugger, Peyton Pavusek and Dakota Holt. Back Row, L-R: Coaches Kevin Icenhour, Michael Icenhour and Michael Holt.

By Tim Chambers

The Marlins and Angels are currently tied for first place in Little League play but there could be a spoiler on the horizon.
The late great Hall of Famer pitcher Satchel Paige once said, “don’t look back; somebody might be gaining on you. This is the case for the Eastridge Construction Dodgers.
The team is starting to gel under first year manager, Kevin Icenhour. They took the Marlins down to the wire on Saturday, and they’ve improved immensely since the opening day.
Payton Pavusek has been a steady player behind the plate. Ethan Icenhour is becoming one of the league’s best pitchers.
The play of Nathan King, Dakota Holt and 10-year-old standout third baseman, Ezra Howard, has definitely been fun to watch.
Timothy Brown, Nate Reece, Grayson Holt, Locki Lunceford, Josh Craft and Gaston Dugger have all played well and just keep improving. Sam Sweeker has the makings to be a very good baseball player.
“I’m proud of your kids,” said Icenhour. “They don’t realize how close we are. They just keep getting better and better. We have a lot of young players on here. I’m definitely looking forward to next season.

Triple C Cardinals Front Row, L-R: Eden Potter, Kiely Roush, Macey Luckett, Shi Anrold, Chloe Ballard and Jessie Mae Williams. Second Row, L-R: Hunter Roush, Kendyl Kleine, Sara Arnold, Hope Ballard, Aubrie Baird and MiLee Treadway. Back Row, L-R: Coaches Chris Baird. Not pictured: Patty Lipford, Coaches Ken Kleine, Jay Kleine and Billy Laws.

Girls Softball
Kids can sometimes say funny things and so can girls’ softball coaches. The Cardinals were soundly be

aten by the Athletics on Saturday, but manager Kim Kleine had the ultimate quote.
“It just wasn’t a good day for us at all,” said Kleine. “But we sure had a lot of fun out there.”
That’s the way it should be. Hats off to everyone that played a key role in bringing back Little League softball.  It will be a wonderful feeder program to the middle and high school programs.
Audrey Savery, Natalie Oliver, Hailey Rider and Hannah Walker had base hits for the Athletics.
Kendyl Kleine, Eden Potter, Chloe Ballard all had hits for the Cardinals.
The game was marred with a lot of walks and girls changing positions due to several on vacation.
But it still was a fun day for all.
The second game was canceled due to heavy rains.