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Lady Longhorns soundly beat Unaka Lady Rangers

The Lady Longhorns dominated opening night in Stoney Creek, taking on the Unaka Lady Rangers and bringing home a 13-1 win. Controlling the game both offensively and defensively, the Lady Longhorns were uncontested for the first five innings, making 18 hits overall and striking out six Unaka batters thanks to freshman pitcher Cindy Eddington.
For Coach Dana Smith, the game was a golden opportunity to get a feel for how the team could perform. “It was a good game to come out and just play. That’s what we wanted to do, to see what we did have and didn’t have. We played JV and Varsity both and that told me a lot about what was happening. They were a little nervous at first but got rid of the nerves pretty quick. When we come out hitting it seems to calm them down a little bit. Both offensively and defensively I was impressed with the way we played,” she said.
With three quick runs in the first inning alone, the Lady Rangers knew they were in trouble very early on, but things only got worse. Rapidly turning it back over to the Lady Longhorns following three outs in a row, Unaka wasn’t even able to take a base until late in the second inning, and even then were immediately put out by a very strong Johnson County defense. Hit after hit resulted in outs, as Miranda Payne, Ashley Arnold, and Haley Miller, stationed at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively, made short work of the Lady Rangers offense.
At the same time, the Lady Longhorns were making huge gains, landing multiple doubles and a home run in the third inning from Liza Watson. Yet even without the big hits, the vast majority of Johnson County’s runs came from RBIs, often with two or three players crossing home plate off a single hit. Runs from another player’s hit accounted for 13 of the Lady Longhorns’ scores overall, with Cindy Eddington and Eden Smith accounting for three each. Eddington was even more formidable pitching, earning 58 strikes out of 83 pitches overall.
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