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Lady Longhorns score big victory over Sullivan North Lady Golden Raiders

The Johnson County Lady Longhorns began their week right bringing in a big victory over the Sullivan North Lady Golden Raiders. With consistent contact on the ball and a strong defensive effort, the game started off on a good note with four base hits and five runs. Abby Reece led off the batting lineup and also became the first runner on the board with help from advancements by Ashley Arnold, Hollie Harrison, and Eden Smith.
Arnold picked up the first out for the inning on her way from second to third, but both Harrison and Smith were able to pick up runs of their own as all down the line Johnson County’s offense either landed hits or took advantage of shortfalls from North’s pitcher to gain walks to first. Smith achieved an RBI off her first inning hit, and Haley Miller made two of her own by helping Cindy Eddington take home.
Things slowed down behind the plate a little in the second, but Smith and Miller were both still able to make a complete circuit beginning with walks to take first. Miranda Payne played a big role in those two runs with a hit into left field that let Smith get her chance after turning third base over to Miller. With Payne stealing second, Liza Watson was next up to bat, landing a hit that gave her an RBI off of Miller.
The Lady Raiders held Johnson County back for the next two innings, but fell behind again after another huge sweep in the fifth. Ashley Arnold was finally able to gain her first run for the game off of a walk to first, followed by advancements from Eden Smith, Cindy Eddington, and another RBI for Haley Miller. Loading up again, Smith, Eddington, Miller, and Miranda Payne all managed to clear home. Consequently Liza Watson managed to take second and picked up one RBI, while Kelsey Watson batted in two runners on a hit that gave her first.
Johnson County’s final two runs came in the sixth inning with Ashley Arnold making her second score off a base hit to first, a push to third from a hit by Hollie Harrison, and finally an RBI from Eden Smith. Harrison was caught out on her way from second to third, but Smith was more successful thanks to a big double into right field by Haley Miller.
For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.