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Lady Longhorns lose to University High 5-2

Despite a valiant effort by several on the team, the Lady Longhorns could not seem to get off the ground in their game against the University High Lady Bucs. There was a notable lack of drive from the team overall, and despite repeated attempts to get the girls back into the game; a visibly disappointed Coach Dana Smith was unable to prevent the game from being a loss. “Their intensity just wasn’t here tonight,” said Smith. “We probably shouldn’t have even played, because they didn’t want to play. That’s my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I saw. They were flat again today. When you are flat and you don’t take care of business in the box you deserve to lose. I don’t have an answer. They need something but I just don’t know what it is.”
Fortunately the game was not a total flop, and in certain innings the Lady Longhorns actually did very well. Most notable were the second and fourth innings, which earned Johnson County their only two runs for the game. Eden Smith was able to eventually cross home plate in the second, thanks to a hit at bat that gave her first. She was followed by Haley Miller, who made it as far as third, but was cut short by two quick outs at the box, which brought the inning to a close.
A similar pattern occurred in the fourth inning, with Ashley Arnold gaining the run this time. Arnold was able to advance to third off a hit by Eden Smith that resulted in an out and was finally batted in by Cindy Eddington. Eddington then eventually proceeded to third herself, off a hit by Kristin Roark. Unfortunately, a third out ended Johnson County’s turn at bat and signaled the last real offensive advancement in the game.
Defensively there was a little trouble in the first inning that allowed the Lady Bucs to make their biggest gains. In the first inning alone, the Lady Bucs were able to get three runs up on the board and threatened with two more. Things were a little better in the second inning, with only one runner being batted in off a double into left field. Yet, despite being behind by only two until late in the game, the Lady Longhorns could never make the adjustments they needed to catch up.
Thankfully the defense did pick up the pace and prevented the Lady Bucs from gaining any major ground. At the mound, Cindy Eddington threw out the first four innings before handing it over to Hope Nelson. Between the two, the Lady Longhorns struck out six University High batters, with Nelson landing 22 strikes out of a total of 25 pitches. In fact, Johnson County managed to throw a no hitter in the fifth inning, striking out all three batters.
The Lady Bucs did bounce back a little in the sixth inning, gaining one more run and gaining two more base earning hits, with one advancing as far as third. Johnson County gave the third out before too much damage could be done, but with one inning left in the game and now down by three, the Lady Longhorns needed a strong showing in the seventh. Disappointingly that would not be the case, and with a first out coming from a catch in the infield, the next two Johnson County batters both struck out, bringing the game to an end.
For Coach Smith the biggest problem was not necessarily the loss, but knowing what potential the Lady Longhorn’s have and didn’t utilize. “This team has so much talent it’s unbelievable but until they decide to pull it out on a consistent day to day basis there’s not a whole lot we can do other than stand and watch. I know what they are capable of. The difference in this game is that they didn’t fight back and that bothers me more than anything else,” said Smith.
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