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Lady Longhorns display potential as they beat Happy Valley 6-4

The Lady Longhorns were able to finally catch a break for the week with a defeat over the Happy Valley Lady Warriors. The game started off on a good note thanks to three consecutive walks by Happy Valley’s pitcher that ultimately resulted in two runs from Abby Reece and Ashley Arnold. Even more remarkably, the same pattern continued into the second inning, with two more runners taking base on walks.
Both of those walks resulted in runs as well, with help from hits by Abby Reece and Ashley Arnold. Reece made it as far as third herself, while Arnold’s ground ball resulted in an out despite providing a RBI. Johnson County’s offense continued to be strong into the third with Eden Smith making a complete run off of an RBI from Miranda Payne, who was able to gain second. Haley Miller and Cindy Eddington also made advancements in the third inning, but were both cut short by as they made a grab for third base.
The team went into a slight offensive slump for the next few innings, but then picked back up the pace in the seventh. Beginning with a hit by Eden Smith to take first, the Lady Longhorns made a string of good contact in their last at bat. Stealing second, Smith was able to take third off a hit by Haley Miller, and was pushed across home plate by Miranda Payne’s second RBI for the game. Miller advanced to second with Payne on first, before a third out brought the game to its end.
Defensively Johnson County was back in good form as well, with catches in the infield providing three quick first inning outs for Happy Valley. The Lady Warriors had managed to catch up with two runs in the second and one in the third, only to be thwarted twice as they attempted to make their way from second to third. Unfortunately a third out could not be gained before a hit by the next batter allowed Happy Valley to pick up their third inning run.
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