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Lady Longhorn Softball Team competed in Tiny Day Tournament

The Lady Longhorn Softball team traveled to Greeneville this past weekend to compete in the Tiny Day Tournament at Greeneville High School. Spanning Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Johnson County girls played in five games, coming out on top twice, and nearly pulling out two more. Unlike other tournaments this season, the competition was much more local, with teams like Cloudland and Unaka entering.
In a surprising turn of events, Cloudland proved to be one of the Lady Longhorns toughest challenges, with a very strong first inning that allowed the Lady Highlanders to gain five runs before Johnson County’s defense could shut them down. For Coach Dana Smith, the upset was a product of determination on the part of Cloudland and some careless errors by the Lady Longhorns. “Cloudland beat us because we spotted them five runs. We came back and we competed with them. We made them zero, zero, zero again past that point but then we let them score at the very end. It was just one of those things. It was a humbling experience to go through. They hit very well to get those runs,” Smith said.
Johnson County managed to gain four runs by the sixth inning, with Hope Nelson landing a homerun to pick up two RBIs in the second inning, and a double that resulted in a run in the fourth. Nelson’s homerun pushed Haley Miller across home in the second and Miranda Payne eventually made it home off a double in the sixth, but even with 11 base hits overall, Johnson County could not overcome Cloudland’s early gains. With the Lady Highlanders bringing in two more runs in the sixth inning the game ended 4-7 in Cloudland’s favor.
Offensive trouble caused the biggest problems in the Lady Longhorn’s game against Cocke County. With only four hits across six innings, there was little that Johnson County could do to put up the runs necessary to be competitive. Two of those hits were in the first inning; ultimately resulting in runs for Abby Reece and Ashley Arnold, but with those two exceptions the Lady Longhorn’s did not score again in the game.
Yet, as Coach Smith pointed out, there were several good plays in the game as well, especially from the defense. “Eden Smith played a heck of a catch in the Cocke County game. She caught the ball in, but they have the short fences with the rope in them and she tripped over the net and fell on her back. I thought she was really hurt but we were lucky.”
Unfortunately, Cocke County took advantage of some good contact on the ball to make two significant advances, first with three runs in the third inning and then with three more in the fifth. Coupled with a single run in the second inning, Cocke County quickly surpassed Johnson County’s early runs and ran largely unchallenged the remainder of the game.
A lack of strong action at bat became an even bigger issue in the Lady Longhorns game against Chuckey Doak. In a 0-5 loss, Johnson County was unable to make it any farther than second base. “We did not hit well,” said Smith. “We did not hit well against Chucky Doak, and we should have because she was not a very consistent pitcher. We didn’t hit well against Cocke County, and we should have had that win.”
For the rest of the story, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.