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Lady Horns excited about upcoming season

The JCHS girls’ basketball team leads with positivity and teamwork as they begin their season at Volunteer High School and take on the Lady Falcons at 1 p.m. Photo by Joey Icenhour.

JCHS GirlsVarsity

No. Name Grade
4 Peyton Gentry Jr
5 Aubree Glenn So
10 Emmy Walker So
11 Sierra Green So
20 Sara Icenhour So
22 Brookanna Hutchins Jr
23 Marissa Summerow Jr
24 Harley Wykle So
25 Aubrie Baird Jr
30 Makenzie Kelly So
34 Desirae Robinson Fr

Head Coach: Kechia Eller
Assistant Coaches: Marcus Dunham & Eric Crabtree
Trainer: Tony & Phyllis Griffith
Stat Keeper: James Bowers

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer
As the JCHS girls’ basketball season begins, Coach Kechia Eller can happily say she is ready to show Johnson County what her girls can do. Eller has been pushing her players hard during practice, and she is proud of the efforts she has seen in her team, “they have been showing up and giving a lot of intensity at practice, they aren’t just going through the motions, they are giving me their best effort and
as a coach that is all you can ask for.” Eller states her team is just ready to get out there and get started.
The Lady Longhorns do not have any seniors this year and have only four juniors, but the junior leadership on the team are not concerned about the upperclassman status. Junior Brookanna Hutchins thinks not having seniors on the team could be a really positive component to the team, “In some ways, it would be nice to have seniors, but really it helps not having them because we aren’t
losing anyone next year, so we can continue to build up the program.” She adds, “We juniors are ready to take on the leadership roles and
carry this team pretty far.” Peyton Gentry agrees and adds, “we are ready to show everyone what we can do, we are united, and we are positive about this year.”
That positivity will really be challenged as the Lady Longhorns begin the season with a pretty tough schedule. The competition begins Tuesday at Volunteer High School. Eller thinks playing these more formidable teams at the beginning of the season can only improve the playing level of her team, “as long as we can pick the positives and work on certain things, we will be ready for the conference games.”
Eller is excited to be the Lady Longhorns head coach. She will take many concepts and ideas she learned from Coach Leon Tolley and implement them into her program, but she is also motivated by the coaching strategies of another particular coach,” as the great Pat Summit said, ‘girls have to feel good about themselves to play well’ my aim is to emphasize this with my girls, they have to mentally be there to play basketball.”
The JCHS Lady Longhorns may be a team like no other. They admittedly confess they aren’t the best shooting team, but they just may have something that has not been as strong in the past, positive and cohesive attitudes. As Aubrey Baird proudly conveys, “our new motto is to never give anything away easy.”