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King takes easy win last week

Former Science Hill head coach George Pitts has built quite a program at nearby King College in Bristol and last Wednesday the school had huge margin of victory.

The Tornado defeated the Cincinnati Christian College Crusaders 98-34 at the King Student Center.


King simply overmatched Cincinnati as the Crusaders had only six players.

King is in its provisional year in becoming a full-fledged Division II NCAA member after making the jump from NAIA.

“We had too many bodies and too many good players,” Pitts said. “Cincinnati Christian played as good as the probably could. We’re in a situation where we’re scrambling for games in our provisional year. I’m glad we had the opportunity to play, but I’m also glad it’s over.”

It was the first time in Pitts’ coaching career where he played against six players.
“It was an unfortunate situation, but that’s how it turned out,” he said.

The Tornado was 7-3 after the win, but Pitts knows a lot of work needs to be done.

“I’m not too pleased right now at this point,” he said. “We’re not getting much inside and we haven’t had a point guard wrap the position and say it’s his. I feel our defense is very inconstant. Those are three areas we have to get better at if we’re going to win another game.”

Pitts had several nationally ranked teams at Science Hill, including reaching as high as No. 3 in the country in 1996 before heading to Brentwood Academy where he coached North Carolina star and NBA player Brandon Wright.

Now at King College, Pitts is enjoying the collegiate game.
“I enjoy coaching very much and I enjoy King,” he said. “We’re still a couple of players shy of having the team that I want to have. I have to do a better job of recruiting our needs and getting into a conference will help.”

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