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Junior Longhorns football camp, great start to football season

The Johnson County Junior Football League participated in a football camp with the JCHS football team led by Coach Don Kerley at JCHS on July 15.

By Beth Cox
Sports Writer

The Johnson County Junior Longhorn Football league got off to a great start on July 15 at Paul McEwen Stadium at Johnson County High School. These young football players beat the heat for some valuable time with Coach Don Kerley. The younger Longhorns were led in some drills and playtime by the high school football team. Coach Kerley enjoyed working with the Junior Longhorns and was pleased with the turnout.

“Participation was good this year, and our guys came out and did a great job working with these young players,” he said.

Chassie Timbs, president of the Junior Longhorn Football League, was pleased with the turnout and the overall experience.

“Everyone I talked with had a great time at the football camp, and they are excited to go again next year but definitely ready to play football this year,” she said. “Coach Kerley and his team were great; they made it fun and exciting for our guys.”

The Junior Longhorns have been practicing hard to get ready for the football jamboree on August 14, followed by the season opener on August 21. Timbs states that she and all board members of the Junior Longhorns are all in agreement with making this football season a great year but a healthy year as well, “COVID ruined it last year, but we will take all necessary precautions this year and will be keeping everyone up to date on all changes along the way.”

There are no restrictions right now going into the football season. There are 76 football players and over 50 cheerleaders signed up to play this year, so it is shaping up to be a fantastic year for these young players.

Timbs is excited about being this year’s president and encourages everyone to come out and support the Junior Longhorns. “What a blessing it has been for signups this year, and hopefully, each kid will enjoy it and look forward to playing next year as well,” she said. Admission to the games is $5 for adults and $1 for children. Concessions will be available.

Announcers are also needed this year, so if interested, please contact Timbs on the Johnson County Longhorn Football and Cheer Facebook page or at 423-557-4635.