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Johnson County Youth League Tidbits

Nate Dorman readies to shoot in game action on Saturday.

Youth league basketball got underway on November 28 with a variety of games being played that day.  Below is a listing of games that were played at Doe and Roan Creek Schools respectively.

At Doe School
B Division:
Avery Jones fired in eight points and Kendon Keith and Ethan Simcox added six each while leading Laurel to an 18-6 win over Mountain City 1. No individual scoring was reported for MC1.

Doe #2 looking impressive in their 24-4 win over Mountain City #3.
Colton Arnold led the way with eight points followed by Josiah McEwen with seven. Chris Reece had a good game scoring five. Corbin Presnell and Kyle Roberts provided two points each.
Nate Doreman led MC#3 with three points. Alyssa McElyea had the other point.

A Division
Roan Creek #1 flexed its muscles to an impressive 31-9 win over Laurel.
Dalton Pope tossed in 11 points to lead the way. Conner Simcox also had a hot hand scoring 10. Dalton Robinson contributed six. Will Courtner and Aiden Neatherly provided two apiece.
Josh Lowe scored four for Laurel. Conner Gibson and James Barnhill tallied two apiece and Dakota Holt had the other point.

Roan Creek #2 found a way to knock off Doe #2 13-8
Noah Eastridge led RC#2 with six points. Isaiah Fenner provided four. Tyler Hoilman scored a basket and Jason Baker had a free throw.
Christian Lipford  scored all of Doe’s eight points.

Games played at Roan Creek School
B Division
Mountain City #1 was able to hold off Mountain City #2 for a 19-13 victory.
Dylan Warren scored 10 points for MC#1. Jace Stout added six. Ethan Ward had two points and Noah Brown provided one.
Carson Jennings lead MC#2 with seven points. Derik Baird added three. Andrew Long scored a basket. Kaden Blevins added a free throw.

Doe #1 was impressive in their 15-10 win over Roan Creek #1.
Jayden Bishop had six points for Doe #1. Daniel Taylor added four, Kyle Sluder tossed in three and Luke Warlock scored two.
Joe Joe Church fired in eight for Roan Creek #1. Samuel Seivers had the other two.

A League
Mountain City #1 got a game high 12 points from Peyton Pavusek in their 27-17 win over Mountain City #2. George Grill scored a half dozen for the winners. Gaston Dugger provided four points. Evan Dollar and Christopher Grill each had two. Daniel Taylor made a foul shot.
Skylar Lawson had a good game for MC2 with 10 points. Tanner Marshall added three points and Brady Fritts had the other four points.

Doe #1 lit up the scoreboard for 43 points while knocking off Mountain City 3 to the tune of 43-25.
The trio of Austin West, Graham Reece and Caleb Pierce was too much for MC#3.  West tallied 14 points, Reece had 11 and Pierce chipped in with 10 to lead the way. Brayden Gentry and Conner Pierce scored four each.
Ethan Reece led MC3 with nine points. Dominic Kelly and Nick Speed added seven points each. Aden Sluder closed out the scoring with two.