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Johnson County Golfer Nathan Timbs travels to New Tazewell to particpate in regionals

Johnson County’s Nathan Timbs had the opportunity to travel to New Tazewell in Claiborne County last week to take part in the Region 1A/AA golf tournament. A part of a special team made up of top scorers from the earlier district tournament in Elizabethton, Timbs faced tough odds, playing in rough conditions on a strange course. Held at Woodlake Golf Club, the various teams and players faced strong wind and heavy rain on the par 72 golf course.
Timbs wound up taking a score of 91, a respectable number for a sophomore who has had a phenomenal season. Even the best players had to account for the harsh conditions, and unfortunately Timbs was no exception.   “The first few holes I did pretty good,” Timbs said. “I got two pars out of the first three holes, but then I just couldn’t do anything for the rest of the day. There was horrible wind; we were playing in the rain all day. It was just miserable. Whenever I tried to grip the club it was sliding around everywhere. The greens are a lot different like that. The ball doesn’t roll as far, the rain knocks the ball out of the sky, and I was short so many holes.”
Typically, strong players like Happy Valley’s Colton Oakes wound up in the high 80s, and the rain was so bad that many players began making changes in their club selection. “I hit my three wood off the tee all day,” Timbs said.  “The day before I just couldn’t hit my driver. I don’t know what was wrong with me, I was hitting great on the range. All my shots were just going to the right and short. I wasn’t on. I played a practice round the day before and I did better the next day so I was happy about that. It wasn’t too bad. I kept in the fairway most of the time and I was happy about that but I was just so short. Those long irons I have trouble with. The last few holes were the worst. I think I had a triple on the last hole and a few doubles before that.”

To read the entire article, pick up a copy of this week's Tomahawk.